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Agribusiness Performance solutions is a company that provides farmers with a coaching and mentoring service. We have experienced farmers who will assist you to achieve your goals.
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Services Provided

  • Whole Farm business assessment
  • Operation Management and support from ground to board level
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource
  • Recruitment
  • Governance Advice
  • Mentorship to owners and staff
  • Change Management
  • Project management and one off supervision
  • Health and Safety advice through SOS (Sutherland On Farm Solutions)
Chris Withy - APS

Chris Withy

Chris and Charleen have a 150ha dairy farm at Benmore milking 430 cows. Chris has 19 years farming experience progressing through the industry from herd manager to owner operator.

In the past three years Chris has also overseen 6 dairy farms, supporting the owners/managers in their daily farm management roles, adding value to their business through forward planning and practical advice. Chris and Charleen were Southland Sharemilkers of the year in 2005. Chris is an electrician by trade completing a NZ Cert in Engineering - Electrical. He has also completed the LEAN management course and has a passion for making dairy farms more efficient with their time. Chris is a trustee of the Southern Dairy Development Trust.

Chrises strength is being able to recognize opportunities for improvement in farming performance, designing a plan with the client and helping them implement it.

Phone: 027 275 8932


Ivan Lines Agribusiness Consultants - Invercargill

Ivan Lines

Ivan is the principal of Agribsuiness Consultants Ltd. Ivan heads a team of 5 specialist and general farm consultants that cover all aspects of farm management from day-to-day management fine-tuning to property assessments, investment analysis and property supervision.

Ivan specializes in dairy managmeent , investment analysis, farm system analysis and governance. He has also consulted in Ireland and the UK.

Ivan and his wife, Vivienne are shareholders in two dairy properties milking a total of 1250 cows producing a total of 550,000kgMS. He is also a director and trustee of many farming companies and Trusts.

Phone: 027 433 9118


Tony miles - APS

Tony Miles

Tony, wife Vicki and daughter Charlee 50:50 sharemilk 1000 cows at Avondale. They also have a significant shareholding in a dairy farm milking 550 cows at Opio where they employ a contract milker, with Tony supervising this farm from a governance and management level.

Tony’s strengths lie with building a farm and financial plan and implementing it successfully, he enjoys developing

Phone: 021 783 166



Jono Bavin

Jono and his wife Kelly are 50:50 sharemilking at Makarewa.